NOT HIS TIME? Peter James has a 85mph smash just days before pub date of new Roy Grace novel


Sunday Times no 1 bestselling crime writer, Peter James had a near miss on Saturday after barrel rolling his vintage car at 85mph at Brands Hatch, Kent. Peter, whose new Roy Grace novel Dead Man’s Time is published on 6th June, was racing his 1965 BMW 800TI at the Masters Historic Festival, for which he qualified on pole position. After the smash, Peter was ambulanced to Darent Valley Hospital trauma unit, who informed him he had cracked ribs, a bruised spleen – ‘and a dented ego’ adds Peter!

Peter says ‘I had just completed the first lap and as came down the end of the Brabham Straight, braking from 110mph to 75mph, I turned into Paddock, the fastest corner. A Lotus Cortina tried to cut inside me, when I was already almost about to clip the apex, and the front of his car hit the back of mine. It knocked me sideways at the start of the downhill section of paddock and from that moment I became a passenger…. saw sky, grass, tarmac, bits of metal flying everywhere, then gravel. The car ended up on its wheels and I thought, “hmmmn, this is not a good place to be!” I could not get out my door, which was jammed but managed to open the passenger door just as the marshalls arrived.’

Despite the incident, Peter plans to fulfil all his publicity commitments for Dead Man’s Time including signings with Tesco, W H Smith and Waterstones, and interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Front Row” and BBC South East.

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