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The Bookseller‘s Tom Tivnan reports on the latest digital developments in publishing, including the new Peter James app.

Napping apps?

Since the advent of the iBookstore, publishers are eschewing the app for single books on the App store. Not to say publishers are abandoning the App store. It has become more the province of aggregators, books with enhanced content or mega-bestsellers-all of Little, Brown’s Stephenie Meyer titles are available through the App store at the moment, barring The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (though strangely, the German version, Das Kurze Zweite Leben der Bree Tanner, from Berlin developer textunes is available on the App store in Britain). And standalone apps are still valuable marketing tools, such as Pan Macmillan’s excellent Peter James app.

Best buy

In terms of pricing, Amazon remains by far the cheapest-having the least expensive
e-book on every title on our list that it stocks, save for Peter James’ Pan Mac-published Quick Read The Perfect Murder, often the price in dollars being what other e-tailers sell in sterling (Kindle book sales go through the international site in dollars). Price still matters to customers: 35 of the top 100 Kindle downloads are free. WHS is next cheapest, averaging a 34% discount for our list. Blackwell retains its discount-averse-policy that it has with physical books; Joe Cronin’s The Passage (Orion) is the only discounted Blackwell title.

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