New Children’s Book Raises Awareness of Plastic Pollution

The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden is the vibrant new picture book for children ages 3+ which helps to raise awareness of plastic pollution and is based on the author’s own observations in London.

Set during a present-day British summer, the story centres on Pigeon who has just flown the nest and must find his way in the world. After two warm and safe months with his family in a beautiful big oak tree overlooking the Thames, he flies into the city and lands in Covent Garden amongst the soot, hair and dirt, the stamping of feet, and the broom broom drone of the road sweepers.

Amidst the chaos of Covent Garden, Pigeon falls in love with an opera singer’s voice and decides to build a nest in the Royal Ballet School leading him to discover his passion for tap-dancing! Everything seems wonderful in his life, until suddenly he gets swept up by a terrifying wind that spins him round and round. When he is eventually thrown out onto the roof, he finds his legs tangled in plastic. Panic sets in. He cannot walk, so how will he tap-dance?

One of Serena’s observations whilst writing The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden, was that pigeons have excellent hearing, leading her to focus the book around the lively city soundscape. Featuring gorgeous colour illustrations by Jon Davis and a highly visual, expressive typography that mirrors meaning, the vibrant language and images will bring children’s reading to life! Ultimately this heart-warming story, filled with a delightful array of memorable characters and places, will motivate and inspire future generations to explore the world around them and never give up on searching for their own passions.

The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden (Mermrock Publishing, £6.99) by Serena Hassan is out now

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