Monty Halls launches new book on BBC Breakfast

Monty Halls appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to launch his new book The Fisherman’s Apprentice, (AA Publishing, £20). The book, which accompanies a six week BBC series, documents the eight months Monty spent living in Cornwall, as apprentice to a Cornish small boat fisherman, Nigel Legge. During his interview on BBC Breakfast, Monty challenged viewers to take responsibility for the kind of fish that they consume, arguing that to fish more sustainably the consumer must choose to eat more sustainable fish.

Monty writes in the book how this way of life that is quietly dying and looks at what can possibly be done to save a cultural heritage and industry, that has shaped the history and identity of our country for thousands of years. But for Monty his first few weeks working as a small boat fishermen, are some of the toughest of his life.  Whilst learning just how difficult lobster and crab fishing off the coast of Cornwall can be, and in between bouts of incessant sea-sickness, Monty discovers the hardships of the life of modern small boat fishermen. As an ex-marine, former winner of Channel 4’s tough-guy challenge Superhuman, and no stranger to a physical challenge, Monty is surprised, by just how incredibly fit the fishermen are. He also experiences life on a trawler – more sea sickness – and endeavours to find a solution to the problem of over fishing.

The Fisherman’s Apprentice by Monty Halls is published by AA Publishing £20.

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