Midas secures brilliant national coverage for Viktor Wynd’s spooky new book The Unnatural History Museum

Midas PR has secured a string of brilliant national arts coverage for Viktor Wynd’s fantastic new book The Unnatural History Museum published by Prestel earlier this month including a full page feature in The Guardian G2 and centrefold image led review in The Daily Telegraph – REVIEW. Wynd’s new book was also chosen as the Coffee Table Choice of the week by I Newspaper. 

From mermaids to shrunken heads, dandies to mass murderers, and Papua New Guinean penis gourds, the artist and collector Viktor Wynd’s menagerie of bizarre objects knows no bounds. Owner of one of London’s most intriguing tourist destinations Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities and the chancellor of the pataphysical society and cocktail bar The Last Tuesday Society in East London, Viktor Wynd’s new book The Unnatural History Museum delves deep into his psychology of collecting. The Unnatural History Museum is an idiosyncratic exploration of a world beyond our imagination where fairies and other mystical creatures exist. In his hands, the fantastical world which we have imagined through iconic fantasy novels like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter becomes reality through tangible connections between his collectibles, myths and folklores. From Papua New Guinea to Norfolk, Wynd’s collection of obscure artefacts, including an extensive collection of mummified penises and flamboyant dandy fashion, like legendary artist Sebastian Horxley’s flamboyant sequin suit, is full of eclectic surprises.







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