Lonely at the Top – The definitive biography of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry:  Lonely at the Top, By Philippe Auclair

The definitive biography of the Arsenal and France legend

Published in hardback by Macmillan, £17.998th November 2012

So who is the real Thierry Henry? As gifted on the field as he is charismatic and charming off it, he is one of the most prolific goal scorers and iconic figures the beautiful game has ever seen. He was instrumental in the French national side’s most prosperous years and heralded a hero at Arsenal, where his effortless brilliance in front of goal broke records, won trophies and elevated the team to almost mythological status.

But as he approached the autumn of his career, the ‘King of Highbury’s’ crown began to slip. The infamous ‘Hand of Gaul’ incident and his mediocre performances in a Barcelona shirt, led Thierry’s unchallenged reputation and genius to be brought under the spotlight for the very first time.

Drawing from numerous interviews, trustworthy sources, and his own personal observations taken during the course of Henry’s career, Philippe Auclair’s portrait of the footballer and the man is the most complete, accurate, shocking and thought-provoking ever to be written.

Auclair explores the life and career of this most complex and enigmatic of global megastars in a great deal of colour. He depicts a man who lives and breathes football like no other, who tasted the sweetest of successes and the bitterest of failures, and who inspired admiration yet seemed to polarise public opinion.

In addition to celebrating his moments of glory, the book also gives a detailed account of Henry’s role in France’s World Cup 2010 debacle, revealing the truth about his relationship with Zinedine Zidane, how his career was almost destroyed when Real Madrid came close to signing him as a teenager, and why the author describes him as a ‘walking paradox’.

About the author
Philippe Auclair has been France Football’s and RMC Radio’s UK football correspondent for over a decade and is a prolific freelance journalist. In 2009, he wrote the critically acclaimed book, Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King. He is also a regular contributor to The Blizzard and Champions magazine.

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