Landscape Photography goes Urban / New views for budding photographers

Take a view‘s British Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards have created a new award category exclusively for urban landscape photography. The “Urban View” category reflects the fact that over 75% of our population now live in built up areas (ONS).  Last year a quarter of all shortlisted entries to the awards were of urban landscapes with London featuring predominantly.

In the past three years the Take a view Landscape Photographer of the Year Award has seen a huge increase in the number of images of urban landscapes submitted to the award. Out of the 172 images shortlisted for the award in 2009, 38 were of urban landscapes a 50% increase on the year before. With London being the twenty fifth most populated city in the world, it’s hardly surprising that it has featured heavily in submissions over the past three years. Last year a quarter of all urban landscape images shortlisted for the award were of London.

The shift toward urban subjects within landscape photography demonstrates how the environments that Britons engage with on a daily basis are predominantly “man made” landscapes of bricks and mortar, landscaped parks and carefully planned green-spaces, rather than the “natural” landscapes that have so long been synonymous with landscape photography.

The new Urban View category is one of four categories that photographers can enter as part of the overall competition for the prestigious title of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2010. Urban View aims to challenge photographers living in British towns and cities to express how Britain’s landscape represents the way we live today as well as encouraging many more people to enter the awards as part of Take a view’s celebration of Britain.

Entries to the 2010 awards close on Wednesday 15th July. For more information and to enter please visit  or see press release attached.

For images or further information please contact [email protected]