LAMB Arts presents Christabel MacGreevy’s solo exhibition Glut

This Friday, LAMB Arts is proud to present Christabel MacGreevy’s solo exhibition, Glut. The exhibition explores the female identity, and what it means to identify as gender non-binary. Opening at LAMB ARTS on May 4, the exhibition comprises of a selection of MacGreevy’s latest drawings, together with a woven wall hanging, which represent the idea of maintaining a craft very much related to femininity.

British born artist Christabel MacGreevy (b. 1991, London) examines symbols of fertility through talismans and fertility charms, which often depict the image of a woman, and less overtly, a snake (but never the male form). These objects and sculptures have been of strong importance to MacGreevy; many cultures attribute the essence of fertility to just the image of a woman.

The gallery’s cave space, painted pink like the inside of a womb, will be transformed into a ‘fertility chamber’, where phallic-shaped sculptures will be present across the cave. Their different sizes, shapes and colours make from this installation a playful one, although with a strong sexual component with its three large resin wiggle ‘Tongue’ sculptures, and six smaller paper mache sculptures.

Christabel MacGreevy has received a great variety of influences, when it comes to depictions of feminine sexuality, MacGreevy often studies the oeuvre include Carol Rama, Louise Bourgeoise, Courbet and poetry by Sappho and Lynette Yiadom Bokye (specifically Problems with the Moon).

MacGreevy’s main reference is the novel Orlando, by Virginia Woolf, which she read during her teenage years. Its main character, Orlando, starts life as a young nobleman in medieval England, and ends life as a middle aged woman. In Orlando, the character’s gender makes no real difference to her character’s essence. The book is about fluidity, and freedom, and non-conformity.

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Photo: Copyright The Artist Courtesy of LAMB Arts

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