‘Kill Shakespeare’ / Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before

Shakespeare’s greatest heroes wage war against his most notorious villains in a comic book thriller that fuses the classic literature of the Bard with action-packed pop art.

It is Shakespeare as never seen before – brought to life in a dark comic book fantasy world where the good and virtuous, represented by characters Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Falstaff, battle against the Bard’s most menacing and sinister rogues, Richard III, Lady Macbeth and Iago.

“We know there will be some controversy, ‘How dare we bring Shakespeare to comic books'” says creator Anthony Del Col, who collaborated with long time friend and fellow Bard enthusiast Conor McCreery, to create Kill Shakespeare. “We think this is a great way to spark renewed interest in the greatest writer of all time and we’ve constructed a story that will appeal to a very wide audience – both avid Shakespeare fans and those with little or no knowledge of the Bard’s work.”

The story commences when Hamlet, banished from his home country for the alleged murder of Polonius, is attacked at sea by pirates. Surviving the ordeal, he wakes up in the castle of Richard III, who sends him on a quest to track down an evil reclusive wizard who goes by the name of….William Shakespeare. From there, Shakespeare’s most iconic characters are brought together in a new, refreshing, powerful and energetic tale of woe, desire, adventure and triumph.

“If Shakespeare were alive today, we feel that he would be making comic books,” argues McCreery. “Shakespeare’s work is full of kinetic action and a comic book is able to capture that. Within the pages of Kill Shakespeare we are able to bring all of Shakespeare’s great story features to life – the action, humour, drama, romance, lust, violence, double crossing – and even the cross-dressing.”

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