Kate Bellm’s underwater photography



23RD NOVEMBER 2017 – 13TH JANUARY 2018

LAMB Arts is pleased to present Kate Bellm’s first solo exhibition, NIGHT SKY RISING. Intimate and iridescent, raw and romantic, NIGHT SKY RISING, explores the wild beauty of nature through a surreal lens. From idealistic landscapes to free-spirited nudes, each photograph tempts you deeper into Kate’s hypnotic perspective. At a time when the world is so rife with tension, the British-born photographer offers a sense of escapism that’s steeped in the spirit of freedom, youth, and nature that is so often lost and overlooked. the exhibition comprises an eclectic mix of archival and new photographs and a series of sketches and notebooks. NIGHT SKY RISING offers an intensely wild insight into Kate’s world: a world full of imagination, colour, and nudes.


Nomadic and wild by nature, the British born photographer Kate Bellm (b. 1987, London) has created her own world through her images- one of iridescent colours, nude silhouettes and surreal natural surroundings. She has captured everything from dreamlike landscapes, aquatic havens sprinkled with ethereal nymphs to eroded urban settings and with these set the scene for leading fashion campaigns. The show at LAMB reflects on this versatility- the gallery’s upstairs displays a series of recent works which explore the photographer’s vision of the surrounding nature in her home, Mallorca. Whereas, the downstairs displaying a combination of sketches, notebooks and photographs, will focus more on the thoughts, the imagination and the people that have contributed to the building of such a vision.

Kate Bellm has received a great variety of influences, as she is highly inspired by photographers such as Guy Bourdin, David LaChapelle and Helmut Newton. Moreover, artists such as the surf master Ozzie Wright, the skateboarder Ed Templeton, the film director Larry Clark, together with local folk artists from all across the globe working with weaving, natural building, jewellery and ceramics, make from Kate aesthetic as: colour, freedom, nature and nudes. Welcome to Kate’s world.

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