Join the adventure with Will Solvit / New children’s series from Parragon

Will Solvit is the new action-adventure series of books for boys aged 5+.

Created by real-life Adventurer Zed Storm, a new series of action adventure books for boys looks set to take the UK by storm!

Will Solvit is an ordinary 10 year-old boy in a far from ordinary family. With the help of Morph – one of his dad’s crazy but brilliant inventions – Will is able to travel through time to solve a string of mysteries that may one day reveal his true destiny.

Fun and engaging, all Will Solvit books contain 101 humorous and educational facts about the time periods Will travels to.

From Egyptian mummies and Roman gladiators, to dinosaurs and cave men, Will takes the reader on the most incredible adventures!

‘Dr Who’ for kids, boys aged 5-8 love Will Solvit, with reader comments including:
‘Loved Rex!’
‘The fart-powered car was great!’
‘Loved the jokes and hadn’t heard any of them before!’

Each book also comes with an amazing Decoder, enabling the reader to unlock the secret coded pictures throughout the story.

Like the characters he writes about, Zed Storm lives a life of adventure. Aside from writing, Zed is a martial arts expert and enjoys competing in triatholons. He also enjoys playing the guitar and travelling the world with his pet wolfhound, Max. He came up with the concept for Will Solvit whilst camping in a Siberian forest, and is currently based in Japan.

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