Jane Plan – the UK’s leading weight loss delivery service

Jane plan is the UK’s leading pre-prepared weight loss delivery service that delivers real results. Winner of Good Housekeeping’s “Britain’s Best Diet Delivery” Award 2014 and featured in Channel 4’s highly acclaimed How to Lose Weight Well, Jane Plan delivers delicious calorie and portion controlled meals developed by leading nutrition and weight loss expert Jane Michell. Set up in 2010, Jane Plan has helped 50,000 people to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Jane Plan is so successful that it is recommended by doctors, and is the go-to plan for chefs, doctors, nurses and celebrities who want to get in shape.

What makes Jane Plan different to other diet delivery services is that they provide professional support from the get go when you are assigned your own qualified nutritionist who personalises your plan and calls you weekly to ensure you stay on track. This personal support, alongside keeping a food diary, encouraging users to exercise, a private Facebook support group, plus the fact that all meals are pre-prepared, makes it easier for people to stick to the plan ensuring a high success rate. Jane Plan closely follows NHS and NICE guidelines to nurture and nourish each clients’ weight loss journeys, encouraging people to develop healthier eating habits and be more active. A recent study showed that 79% of Jane Plan users lost 1.5 stones of more, with some losing up to 9 stone.

People who have successfully achieved their weight loss goals with Jane Plan include Natasha Pink who lost 9 stone in order to be eligible for IVF. Natasha successfully conceived twice and is now pregnant with baby number 2 and two years after first starting on Jane Plan she has successfully kept the weight off. Kirsten Bunyan who lost 2 stone ahead of her wedding after she burst into tears at the Wedding dress shop realising she was too fat to fit in her dress and in her own words “I didn’t want to be the fat bride”. Lianne Kyle who lost three stone after re-joining Jane Plan to lose her post baby weight. 75-year-old George Bell who came off his diabetes medication after losing 6 stone. And newly engaged couple Angela Gill and Patrick Holbut who lost three stone between them so far and will continue until their wedding in May. Andrew Thomas who after losing 3 stone went on to achieve his personal best in the marathon, having never ran in his life before Jane Plan. Pat Readon lost a whopping six stone and even a foot off his waistline. While Big Brother’s Chantelle swears by Jane Plan after she dropped 4 dress sizes.

With one in four adults classed as obese, and the UK having the 2nd highest rates of obesity in the world, Jane Plan’ founder Jane Michell is helping tens of thousands of people to improve their health, achieve their weight loss goals and boost confidence levels.

About the Food

Jane Plan’s bespoke recipes are created with love and care, using only the highest quality, fresh, carefully-sourced ingredients, so that users can lose weight while eating delicious wholesome food.  Jane Plan provides you with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and one snack while your personal nutritionist talks you through adding essential fruit, vegetables and salad to each meal.  With no artificial preservatives or additives, the food stays perfectly fresh using a method very similar to the popular sous vide method, which seals in both flavour and nutrients to each dish. This also means you can eat the meals on the go as you don’t need to store them in the fridge.

With over 75 meals to choose from, whatever your requirements – gluten or dairy-free, low sugar or high protein meals vegetarian or Halal, Jane Plan has it covered. Breakfast meals which range from granolas to porridges are Low GI and as much as possible organic and fair trade. Lunch options range from warming soups to healthy burritos, while Dinner options range from hearty lasagne to spicy Thai curry. Users say that the food is so delicious they often forget they are on a diet.

At the heart of Jane Plan is a dedication to providing carefully sourced, beautifully balanced and perfectly portioned meals. There’s no such thing as deprivation as no food groups are excluded, just real food that is carefully portioned and calorie controlled.

Jane Michell Founder of Jane Plan

Jane Michell is a nutrition and weight loss expert, as well as a published author, with over 15 years’ experience supporting people on their weight loss journey. Jane started Jane Plan in 2010 from her kitchen table in London, after working for four years in weight loss and bariatrics at a leading London hospital. Prior to that Jane worked in the BBC with leading UK chefs including Delia Smith, Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes.

Jane Plan was started as a ‘kitchen table business’ when Jane was a busy mum of 3 children, with no investment and no bank loans with Jane making all the meals herself, delivering them herself and was the sole nutritionist supporting clients. Jane Plan now has seven nutritionists supporting clients. Since 2010 Jane Plan has sold over 14million meals and has a client database of over 100,000. Jane Plan’s Trustpilot score is 4.6 – higher than any other direct competitor. She is currently a finalist (alongside prestigious names such as Sam Cameron), for the Natwest Every Woman Award celebrating women in business.

Combining her love for food with her passion for healthy living and exercise, Jane has spent the past decade growing her ready-made meal delivery company into a UK wide, multi award-winning business. She is now one of the media’s go-to experts on healthy eating, weight loss and nutrition, while her clients are frequently written about in the press for their incredible weight loss stories.

Jane Michell says: “The achievement of helping people reach their health and weight loss goals through Jane Plan is remarkable. Many of our clients report changes in their lives they never expected, including coming off Diabetes medication, running marathons, and transforming their lives, health and wellbeing. I started Jane Plan to help the millions of people in the UK struggling with the myths surrounding healthy eating and weight loss and to give them a fad-free approach that actually worked. Prior to Jane Plan I had experienced my own weight loss journey – and even after three children and several decades I have kept the weight off, so I know first hand, that with the right knowledge and the right help, it is possible. I also have a wonderful team of like-minded Jane Planners who work hard to bring your diet to your door and with it the long-term weight loss you’ve always wanted.

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