International Alert and Edward Rising, in association with Sotheby’s, present #ART4PEACE: PEACE FROM THE STREET UP! Benefit Auction – Contemporary Urban Art

Friday 2 October 2015, 19:00 | The Club at The Ivy | London WC2

Ben Turnbull | Clet Abraham | Dan Kitchener | David Scheinmann | David Whittaker | Ganzeer | Goldie | Inkie | Kashink | K-Guy | Know Hope | Matt Small | Olek |Otto Schade | Sadhu X | Shraddha Shrestha | Sten Lex | Tammam Azzam | Victor Ash | War Boutique | Yola


London’s art elite will descend on the iconic The Club at The Ivy on Friday 2 October for the eagerly anticipated #ART4PEACE: Peace from the street up! auction of contemporary urban art, presided over by renowned auctioneer Edward Rising, in association with Sotheby’s.

The auction will feature a curated selection of works donated by some of the world’s most celebrated urban and street artists including, Olek, Know Hope, Goldie, War Boutique and Tammam Azzam – a Syrian artist who is currently showing as part of Banksy’s Dismaland.

On donating to the initiative, iconic artist and award-winning DJ, Goldie, said: “Art can play a huge role in building peace. It can relay and portray a message on the streets. The world is an open blank canvas.”

Tel-Aviv based street artist Know Hope, known as the ‘Israeli Banksy’, added: ““Art is a means that allows communication, whereas miscommunication is largely stands at the origin of conflict. Suggesting images of other realities, or different perceptions of existing ones is an integral part in realizing peace”.

The auction is part of leading peacebuilding charity International Alert’s second annual Talking Peace Festival, a month-long series of events designed to spark conversations about peace through creativity.

Ilaria Bianchi, International Alert said: “Urban and street art has a long history of engaging with important social issues and harnessing peaceful social change through creativity and humour. We thought it would be fascinating to invite urban and street artists from around the world to reflect on what peace in their cities could look like.”

Estimates range from £350 – £10,000. All proceeds from the auction will go to International Alert and its vital peacebuilding work in more than 25 countries around the world.

To view the auction catalogue, or to book a ticket to attend the auction, please visit:

Pre-event online bidding is open until 1 October, please visit:





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