OUT NOW: The Human Workplace by Andy Swann

When people thrive, organisations do too…!

  • An alternative look at the relationship between people, organizations and work – fit for the modern world
  • Advocates companies need to take a truly people-centric approach to their structure, culture, environment and processes
  • Packed with interviews and case studies from some of the world’s largest and most famous companies including Microsoft UK, Schneider Electric, CGI, NBCUniversal, Lego Group, Hershey & Co., SAP and BBC Worldwide

The working environment is changing the way we communicate, think and collaborate and technology has rendered old approaches to work obsolete, yet business structures have largely remained unchanged.   In The Human Workplace, author Andy Swann says it is time to address these changes, that traditional business formality is blocking the path to a successful future and that companies should build themselves around their employees to create an environment for success.

Offering a completely new approach to organizational development and our relationship with work, the book is packed full of practical advice for companies to structure themselves in a way that enables employees to thrive, with a shared vision defining parameters and reward.  Despite the rise of automation, Andy Swann suggests the connection between people and organizations has never been more important, and by creating simpler structures and reducing the amount of internal processes and procedures, employees are ‘unleashed’ to do their best work.

Exploring how people-centred organizations behave and evolve, the book covers how to use design thinking to create optimal organizational structures, how to make a business a community and the importance of ‘human’ connection.  It also looks at how to use communication to inform and empower people, and using technology to allow employees to work more efficiently.   The pros and cons of job titles and appraisals are discussed, and a fresh approach to how companies could be more creative with their recruitment strategies is presented.

An essential guide for all HR and OD professionals, the book features a range of ideas that companies can use to create their own human workplace in the context of their own organisations.   Whatever their role or position in a company, The Human Workplace provides straightforward, practical advice that helps them to create genuine impact, for themselves, their organization, and the world at large.


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