How world events will affect your business / Foresight 2010

The team at Exclusive Analysis spends much of the normal working day analysing specific risks to particular assets all over the globe. Their yearbook, Foresight 2010, to be published on 2nd December 2009, is a welcome opportunity for them to communicate externally some of the broader global issues that inform their everyday analysis, and allows them to anticipate the relevant questions which the international business community and government policy makers will face. 

Of particular significance in the forthcoming publication are articles including: Sudan: Triggers, Indicators and Realistic Scenarios for Renewed North-South War; China’s Challenges in Central Asia: Implications for Investors; A 360 degree Strategic Risk review of Afghanistan; Pakistan in 2010: New Alliances, New Risks?; Leasing Africa – Land Rights and Investor Certainty; Right-Wing extremism in the US and Western Europe and Protests in Peru: The Outlook for Natural Resource Investors.

The yearbook also covers the likely implications of elections in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brazil and Peru during 2010, the probability of renewed Hizbullah-Israeli conflict in late 2010 and of protests by organised labour in the run-up to, and during, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in June next year.

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