How to get your Book Published with The Guardian

Writing a novel is tough, but the labours of getting it into print are tougher still. You’ll need to find the right agent and to write a pitch seductive enough to make your work stand out from thousands of other submissions. And that’s just the start. Luckily The Guardian are here to help with their How To Get Published master class covering everything from how to write a submission, approaching agents, how to create an author brand, what you should be doing with your social media as well as how to handle your own PR.

Literary agent Kerry Glencorse, crime novelist Dreda Say Mitchell, agent Hellie Ogden, self-published success Catherine Ryan Howard, Midas PR’s Tory Lyne-Pirkis and publishing expert Danuta Kean are among a the industry insiders who will show you what it takes to go from pitch to publication, as well as Liesel Schwarz will tell you what it’s like to go from unpublished hopeful to a major three book deal. During this weekend course you will receive practical advice on how to find – and impress – an agent, alongside tips on writing trends, networking, self-publishing, publicity and much more. You’ll leave the course knowing how to draft the crucial pitch letter and write your synopsis, and with a clear understanding of how to get your book into print. The two day course takes place at The Guardian Newspaper on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. For more information follow this link: