Hannah Fielding’s Indiscretion published today!

Indiscretion, the new novel from the award-winning romance novelist Hannah Fielding, is released today. Written in Fielding’s signature style, infused with an old-school Hollywood glamour, Indiscretion evokes the drama and passion of the sun-drenched beauty of in 1950s post-war Spain.

Arriving in the sun-drenched beauty of Andalucía for the first time, Alexandra is soon caught up in the wild customs of the region. From thrilling bull fighting matadors and the mysterious Gypsy encampments in the grounds of the family’s estate, to the passionate dances of the region and the incredible horsemanship of the local caballeros, Alexandra is instantly seduced by the drama and passion of her new home. And then she meets Salvador, the enigmatic estate heir, and finds herself entangled in a web of secrets, lies and indiscretion, as rivals scheme to keep the two lovers apart. With a cast of toreros, artists, and Spanish aristocracy, Hannah Fielding offers us a glimpse of adventure the Spanish way. A stylish novel, it’s the perfect Easter reading.


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