Greyworld light the way with interactive digital signpost sculpture

greyworld teams up with Corelli College to bring art and education together

Critically acclaimed artists collective greyworld have created a four metre high interactive sculptural signpost at Corelli College in South East London, enhancing the college’s standing as a creative hub.

The work, titled Signs, is a large signpost with multiple arms pointing in different directions. Each hand is designed to tell its own story and can be programmed to point to anything in the world, showing its location and its distance from the school.

The sculpture can display cities and places of interest to pupils, such as their homes or the origins of their families. Signs can also point to anywhere in the solar system, tracking things like comets and airplanes as they move.

Corelli pupils can programme the individual signs to create narratives and then watch the story unfold upon the sculpture, whether it be fact or fiction. Andrew Shoben founder of greyworld commented: “greyworld projects are about play in the city so we are very excited to be working in partnership with Corelli on a project that is about play within a college within a city. We hope that Signs will show kids how it’s possible to learn about any subject through art.”

For more information about greyworld or if you wish to arrange an interview with Andrew Shoben please contact Tori Dance: [email protected] or 020 7361 7860