Greyworld dumps giant statue next to Tower Bridge for World Toilet Day

Award-winning artist’s collective greyworld has unveiled a daring art installation outside City Hall to mark World Toilet Day, helping lift the lid on the global sanitation crisis.

To draw attention to the fact that two fifths of the planet have no access to proper sanitation, greyworld was commissioned by the World Toilet Organisation and Domestos to create The Public Toilet, a bold five meter tall squatting sculpture on Potters Field Park, Tower Bridge, London.

greyworld has created works in some hugely coveted locations across the world and now has permanent installations in twelve countries. Commenting on the installation, founder Andrew Shoben said: “greyworld is very excited to be involved with this campaign. Our work is about the city, about play, and about allowing some form of creative expression in parts of the city where usually there is none. We are fortunate in our part of the world to have the opportunity to explore these inspirational themes. But for those who don’t have access to the most basic of human necessities, namely clean sanitation, the focus on play must seem a luxury. This project gave us the opportunity to create awareness of the human crisis that most of us have little knowledge of.

We wanted to create something striking that allowed people to both interact with the artwork, and also to understand the deeper reason behind the work. Being close to five metres tall, and clad in traditional bathroom ceramics, we expect the Squatting Man will cut a powerful and somehow lonely silhouette against the London skyline.

Like all of our work, it can be played with and personalised by the public who can project the image of their own face onto the face of the Squatting Man. All that you need to do is simply to visit and record a few seconds of your face to appear on the work. Then stand by to watch as your face appears on the sculpture and the huge head gently moves to watch those watching him.”

For more information or to an arrange interview with Andrew please contact [email protected]