#ENTRYLEVELBOSS CEO & Career Coach Alexa Shoen Engages Midas PR

MIDAS PR are thrilled to be working with CEO and Career Coach Alexa Shoen to help promote her disruptive career guide #ENTRYLEVELBOSS: A 9 Step Plan to Finding a Job You Like (and actually getting hired to do it), and associated job-seeker boot-camps.

CEO and Career Coach, Alexa Shoen is the internet’s leading confidant for panicking job seekers. She previously worked in design for Facebook, leading cross-platform information architecture initiatives to optimize the company’s multi-billion-dollar advertising business. Before that, she was one of the most sought-after communication consultants in the European tech industry and advised high-growth companies in Berlin, London, and New York. Alexa is a beneficiary of the United Kingdom’s Exceptional Talent (Technology) visa scheme, a prestigious immigration route awarded to just 200 world-leading technologists annually.

#ENTRYLEVELBOSS, her forthcoming book (published 14th May by SCRIBE), is a hands-on, practical guide to a problem that everybody faces at least once in their life: how to get a job. Shoen cuts through all the noise around job-seeking to deliver simple, clear techniques for finding the job you want, getting your application noticed for the right reasons, nailing the interview stage, and getting hired.

Please visit www.entrylevelboss.com and follow Alexa on Twitter @alexashoen

For review copies, interview requests or more information please contact: Kate Appleton I [email protected] | 020 7361 7866


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