Do digital-first lists mean the return of the mid-list?

The latest edition of The London Book Fair’s Digital Minds podcast explores whether digital-first publishing means the return of the mid-list and what it’s like to be an agent in the digital age.

Digital-first imprints are increasingly common in genre publishing, but can the e-book first model be made to work for literary fiction? Speaking exclusively to London Book Fair for the Digital Minds Podcast, the co-founders of Little Brown’s new digital literary imprint Blackfriars reveal that they believe digital-first publishing could mean the long-awaited return of the mid-list.

Meanwhile how has the role of the literary agent changed in the digital age? Juliet Mushens, an agent for The Agency Group and rising star of the publishing world talks to us about whether it’s possible to fast track your career through Twitter, and why it’s important for agents to have a more transparent relationship with their authors.