Dialogue Books engage Midas PR to promote Burning Down the Haus by Tim Mohr

MIDAS PR are thrilled to be working with Dialogue Books on their leading title for this Autumn, Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall by author and journalist Tim Mohr.

“A thrilling and essential social history that details the rebellious youth movement that helped change the world”. Rolling Stone (U.S)

In time for the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9th November 2019, Tim Mohr brings us the secret history of punks in East Germany. Burning Down the Haus is a reclamation and an exaltation of youth culture and idealism as not only an instigator for discourse, but as an actual catalyst for political upheaval and radical change.

It began with a handful of East Berlin teens who heard the Sex Pistols on a British military radio broadcast to troops in West Berlin, and it ended with the collapse of the East German dictatorship. Punk rock was a life-changing discovery: in an authoritarian state where the future was preordained, punk, with its rejection of society and DIY approach to building a new one, planted the seeds for revolution.

As these kids began to form bands, they also became more visible, and security forces – including the dreaded secret police, the Stasi – targeted them. They were spied on by friends and family; they were expelled from schools and fired from jobs; they were beaten by police and imprisoned. But instead of conforming, the punks fought back, playing an indispensable role in the underground movement that helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

Rollicking, cinematic and thrillingly topical, this secret history brings to life the young men and women who successfully fought authoritarianism three chords at a time. Burning Down the Haus is a fiery testament to the irrepressible spirit of revolution.

Tim Mohr has co-written best-selling memoirs by Duff McKagan of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Paul Stanley of KISS, and Gil Scott-Heron. He is also an award-winning translator of German novels, including Why We Took the Car and Sand by Wolfgang Herrndorf, Wetlands by Charlotte Roche and The Hottest Dishes of the Tartary Cuisine by Alina Bronsky. While a staff editor at Playboy magazine, he worked with Hunter S. Thompson and Matt Taibbi, among others. His writing has appeared in many publications, including the New York Times Book ReviewInked and Daily Beast. Prior to starting his writing career, Tim spent the 1990s as a DJ in Berlin. Follow Tim on Twitter @timmohr

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