Dan Dalton author of Johnny Ruin engages MIDAS PR

Author and journalist Dan Dalton has engaged MIDAS PR to work on the publicity for the paperback release for his book Johnny Ruin, published by Unbound 22nd August 2019.

Already described by The Guardian as a “A witty, zappy fable powerful, Johnny Ruin is inspired by the author’s own experiences with depression and heartbreak, and in it he has created an unconventional exploration of mental health, a dark and at times brutally honest fable punctuated with heart and humour. Through his unnamed narrator, Dan hopes to add to the growing conversation about male mental health, particularly how working to build a more empathetic, inclusive, and vulnerable definition of masculinity is key to saving lives.

Heartbroken and lonely, our narrator, a depressed 30-something writer, takes an overdose. Trapped in his own mind with only a few days to find his way home, he embarks on a unique road-trip across America with his somewhat reluctant spirit guide, Jon Bon Jovi, for company.

From California to New York, he travels the highways of his subconscious, his personal demons and past mistakes in hot pursuit. This is an imagined America, an ever-shifting landscape where fact and fiction rewrite each other, and memory can’t be trusted. So when his ex-girlfriend appears demanding he forget her, he faces a choice: find a way to fix himself in the hopes of winning her back, or finally let go of the one memory he’s clinging to.

An important addition to the literary and mental health genres, Johnny Ruin is a thought-provoking and entertaining read for fans of bold, experimental fiction and anyone struggling with mental health issues, heartbreak, or both.

About the author: Dan Dalton is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in GQ, The Big Issue, Catapult, iNews, and ShortList, and previously he was a staff writer for BuzzFeed covering mental health, books, and pop culture. Originally from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire he studied Creative Writing at the University of Leeds and currently lives in Margate, Kent.

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