Controversial new book predicts ‘Maonomics’ will rule the world

Maonomics, a controversial new book from global economics expert, Loretta Napoleoni is set to reveal how the Western capitalist model is doomed for decline while China’s star rises.

Midas is proud to announce that we’re promoting Loretta Napoleoni’s new book Maonomics: Why Chinese Communists Make Better Capitalists Than We Do. It will be published by Seven Stories Press in the UK on 6th February 2012.

The end of the Cold War was thought to signal the triumph of Western capitalism over Communism. In Maonomics, economist and bestselling author Loretta Napoleoni argues just the opposite: what we are witnessing instead is the beginning of the collapse of capitalism and the victory of “communism with a profit motive”: Commi-capitalism.

Maonomics charts the prodigious ascent of the Chinese economic miracle and the parallel course of the West’s ongoing insistence on misconstruing China and its economy even as we acknowledge its growing influence and importance. Here Loretta Napoleoni offers a front row seat on the greatest show on earth: the peaceful economic revolution that is shifting the balance of power in the world from West to East.

About the Author
Loretta Napoleoni is the bestselling author of Rogue Economics, Terror Incorporated and Insurgent Iraq. Her latest book 10 Years that Shook the World,has just been released in e-book format. She is an expert on terrorist financing and money laundering, and advises several governments and international organizations on these issues.

She is also one of the few economists who predicted the credit crunch and the recession, and advises several banks on strategies to counter the current crisis. She is a regular media commentator for CNN, Sky and the BBC, and is a columnist and writes about terrorism, money laundering and the economy for several European national papers including El Pais, The Guardian and Le Monde. For more about Loretta, please visit her website.