Climate change frozen out by giant ice installation @ Thames Festival

As part of the 2009 Mayor’s Thames Festival – a celebration of London and its river – the European Commission (EC) has produced an ambitious ice installation to raise awareness of climate change and the EC’s Climate Action initiative.

Displayed over the weekend of 12th and 13th September, two giant ice cubes – each weighing over a tonne – were stacked on top of cityscape silhouettes. One cube, measuring 2.2metres high represents the scenario should we take action now; the other – measuring just 1.6metres high – depicts the environmental disaster that will result from inaction.

The sculpture was unveiled on 12th September in Potters Fields Park, SE1, and team of four hostesses were present for the Festival, providing information about Climate Action to festival visitors.

Alok Nandi, one of the team members, says of the installation, ‘It is a simple and dramatic way of illustrating the dangers we currently face due to global warming. Street art is an ideal way of igniting people’s interest in important topics, and we hope this creative installation will inspire visitors at the Mayor’s Thames Festival.’

About Climate Action – Energy for a Changing World

Climate Action is a European initiative to involve citizens and bolster Europe’s efforts to secure an agreement to fight climate change at the crucial UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009. Climate Action launched when EU leaders agreed to an ambitious climate and energy package committing Europe to the following measures: ’20, 20, 20 by the year 2020′:
> Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% of 1990 levels.
> Increase the use of renewables to 20% of total energy production.
> Cut energy consumption by 20% by improving energy efficiency.

For more information on Climate Action, visit

Watch a video of the ice installation and download the press release below: