Chinese Arts & Letters to launch on April 10th


Chinese Arts and Letters (CAL) is a new bi-annual magazine committed to bringing the contemporary literary culture of Jiangsu Province, China to an international English-speaking audience which will launch in the UK on Tuesday 10th April. Boasting an advisory board including such influential figures as Daniel Albright, Harvard University, and leading Anglo-Chinese academics Julia Lovell and Martin Puchner, this collaborative venture led by editor-in-chief Yang Haocheng, Professor of English at NNU, is set to become the most influential addition to global arts and literary scholarship since Granta’s rebirth in the late-70s.

CAL’s highly-anticipated first edition features freshly translated short stories by multi-award winning author Bi Feiyu, (Three Sisters, The Moon Opera) and Fan Xiaoqing (Expression of a City, A Woman Comrade), alongside poetry, critical comment & analysis, in-depth interviews, and thought-provoking new research on the equine ink-paintings of 20th century Chinese modernist, Xu Beihong. With new works by best-selling authors Zhou Meisen and Lu Min already confirmed for Volume 2 in September 2014, CAL biannual magazine promises to be a revolutionary new platform for cultural exchange between China’s cultural hub and the English speaking world.

The magazine is available in the UK from Amazon priced £12.