Brits Drive Home Silver, Reveal Honest

Silver reigns supreme as the most popular car colour last year

If Britain’s Olympic success was to be determined by the most popular car colour on the road, it would be destined for silver. 

An analysis of 24.5 million MoT records obtained by consumer motoring champion,, has revealed that silver was the most popular car colour in the UK last year.

The data shows that of all MoTs conducted between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2011, 23% of Britain’s drivers took silver cars home, compared to just 8% going for gold, and only 1% opting for bronze. Interestingly, silver cars also enjoyed one of the highest MoT pass rates – an impressive 62.9%, making it the fourth best performing colour after beige, grey and black.

Blue is the new black as the second most popular colour at 22%, compared to 14% opting for black. Conventional colours complete the top five with 12% of red cars on the road, followed by white at 9% and grey at 8%. At the unpopular end of the spectrum are pink, multi-coloured, cream and turquoise coloured cars, with only around 1% of these on the road last year. 

The findings follow further analysis into’s MoT Files, which were launched to the public for the first time earlier this year. The consumer motoring champion revealed MoT pass and fail rates for cars by manufacturer, model and region in May.

Experts at initially examined tens of millions of records obtained from the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA) through the Government’s OpenData scheme to reveal data that VOSA fought to keep secret from car owners for years.’s MoT Files represents a significant step forward for big data. As one of the very first instances of a huge data set interpreted in such a way, it will help the average consumer to make better informed decisions about their next car purchase.  

Top 5 most popular colours

1.Silver                       23.2%

2.Blue                        21.8%

3.Black                       14.3%

4.Red                         11.8%

5.White                       9.4%

Bottom 5 most unpopular colours

1.Pink                         0.0%

2.Multi-colour            0.1%

3.Cream                     0.1%

4.Turquoise               0.1%

5.Bronze                    0.1%