Booksellers launch social media campaign to highlight importance of copyright awareness

The Booksellers Association has launched a social media campaign to help booksellers engage with their customers about the value of content and the importance of getting it from legal sources, as part of its support for the Get It Right From a Genuine Site campaign.


This campaign includes a new video (released today) showing bookseller Nic Bottomley (Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, Bath) talking about bookselling and the importance of copyright. The 1.5 minute clip is on the Booksellers Association YouTube site


All members have been encouraged to share the video, alongside other content in support of copyright, with the hashtag #genuine.


Tim Godfray, Chief Executive of the Booksellers Association said:

“This campaign aims to inspire people to support what they love by buying from legal sources. We need to help the creative community to invest in creating more of content, and the development of new artists and writers and ideas as a result. This is a great opportunity for booksellers to engage with their customers, particularly younger ones, about the value of content, including books. A huge thank you to Nic Bottomley for taking part and we look forward to bookshop activity around the vitally important area of respecting copyright.”

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