Beverley Callard to star in The Thunder Girls at The Lowry

Beverley Callard has been announced as the first actress to star in The Thunder Girls a new play opening at The Lowry on 24th September 2019. The Thunder Girls is the debut play by Manchester local Melanie Blake and will star four female actors over the age of 50. Blake adapted the play from her debut novel of the same name, which will be published by Pan Macmillan this summer. The play’s all-star female cast will be announced one by one over the new few months and the first Thunder Girl to be revealed is Coronation Street star and national treasure Beverley Callard.

The Thunder Girls follows an ‘80s girl group reuniting 30 years after greed, envy and ego tore the band and their friendship apart. The play focuses on what goes on during the night from hell when lead singer Chrissie tries to reunite the band she dumped. Chrissie is desperate to salvage herself from bankruptcy after being conned out of her fortune by her toy boy husband.  But is there a price which can heal the wounds?  Or maybe some friendships never die, even if you want them to?

Beverley Callard takes on the role of Roxanne, the former band member who holds the balance of power in the reunion summit – but Roxanne’s wounds are the deepest as Chrissie didn’t just steal her career when she broke up the band, she stole her man.  And Roxanne, who has nothing left to lose, is more than happy to cut off her nose to spite her face.  For her, revenge might be sweeter than reconciliation and it has been a long time coming.

Steve Cowton, head of theatre operations at The Lowry, said: ‘We love being able to host exciting new work. We’re particularly looking forward to welcoming The Thunder Girls premiere as it’s a story that is rooted in the North West and we’re sure our audiences are going to love the show.’

 Beverley Callard said: “As an actor, when the scripts for plays land on my doormat – I’m always flattered and read them with relish. Mostly I have to say no because of my commitments to Coronation Street. Often, the lead character is a man, usually in a cast of maybe 10 men, 2 women, if we’re lucky. The females will be 20 something, or 30 something, and if you’re lucky maybe one woman ‘of an age’ max. Then I read “THE THUNDER GIRLS” and WOW! A four strong ensemble of real women with real life experience! Feisty, sexy, funny, not to mention rich in drama, comedy and tragedy. Most important of all, this play is fiercely entertaining, every audience will love it!  I simply could not say no and cannot wait to play Roxanne.”


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