Beloved Armenian children’s book The Magic Buttons comes to Britain

The Magic Buttons, a highly popular children’s book in Armenia by writer and art historian Nouneh Sarkissian is hitting the British market. The book has been translated from Armenian into English by the author and will be published by Turnaround Books in September 2015.

The Magic Buttons follows the adventures of Pearl, a girl sent away to her grandparents in Spic-and- Span Town to avoid catching a virulent virus that turned people blue. Pearl has only the help of her little friends Tumbletash, Professor Kaspar and Ping and Pong to ensure she completes the tasks set her by the good witch, Zazuela who needs her stolen magic buttons back from the book’s villain Izzi Burton.

The Magic Buttons, which is aimed at 9-11 year old children, is accompanied with beautiful illustrations taken from the Armenian edition. These beautifully complement this delightful tale of resourcefulness, courage and friendship.

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