BBC Songs of Praise Presenter Pam Rhodes to Publish New Trilogy

Springtime at Hope Hall is the first book in a new heart-warming trilogy by the familiar face of BBC Songs of Praise and successful author, Pam Rhodes.

Inspired by community halls that are the glue for local communities in Britain, Springtime at Hope Hall brings together a series of endearing stories and colourful characters who all congregate at their local hall.

Its rooms are filled with gossipy grandmas, body popping teenagers, dance groups, a choir without one decent singer to their name, knitters who natter, caterers who bake glorious cakes, slimmer’s nibbling chocolate, and a nursery group where it’s the grown-ups who are near to tears.

It’s all in a day’s work for administrator Kath, whose job it is to make sure Hope Hall offers something for everyone in the community. Kath has a wonderful team but she knows they are struggling. Their caretaker, Trevor, has a terminally ill wife and Maggie, their unflappable cook, has been left by her husband.

Whilst the team work to pull off their ambitious Centenary Easter Monday Fayre, Kath realises that reinforcements are needed. Brash, loud and inexperienced though she may be, Shirley comes onto the scene to save the day. The Fayre is a triumph but when Kath’s old flame unexpectedly arrives, she suddenly has some tough decisions to make…

Coming from Hope Hall are stories of struggle, passion, and joy. It’s a place that’s full of friends and neighbours with stories that will have you giggling one minute and dabbing your eyes the next. Like so many community halls dotted around the country, Hope Hall is at the heart of life and the local community.

Praise for Springtime at Hope Hall

“Brilliant, witty, and full of down-to-earth humour. Springtime at Hope Hall is the perfect ‘Church Hall’ anecdotal read. It brings back fond personal memories of my time in such halls, and it’s a funny reminder of how similar we all are as people… similar, yet quirkily different. Enjoy!” – JB Gill, TV presenter

 “Once again Pam Rhodes has created a community that you want to know more about, all centred around the activities of those who use the town hub, Hope Hall. All human life is there and is vividly brought to life as we follow the stories of people who hire it – from dance groups to drop-ins, from food banks to faith groups. We meet Kath, Maggie, Ray and the many others whose lives are connected through the hall, and see the importance it plays in their lives. Having been involved with many halls over the years, this book totally captures the different groups who ‘own it’ for an hour or two each week…  A delightful read.” – Reverend Cindy Kent MBE, Broadcaster

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