BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours / Interview with Mills & Boon and the National Trust

Today on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours, Clare Somerville, Sales & Marketing Director at Harlequin Mills & Boon, and John Stachiewicz, Publisher for the National Trust, are being interviewed about the new partnership between the two organisations.

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Leading romance publisher Mills & Boon has joined forces with the National Trust to produce a commemorative novel – Scandalous Innocent – in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Ham House, one of the National Trust’s most glamorous historic houses. 

National Trust houses are alive with human history. In Scandalous Innocent, author Juliet Landon draws on the romance of the property, situated on the bank of the Thames at Richmond, by weaving the stories of those who have lived in Ham House into the fictional life of enchanting heroine, Phoebe.

This book brings together Mills & Boon and the National Trust, two bedfellows with a shared passion for the romance of history.

Clare Somerville says, ‘From the gorgeous outfits and decadent settings, to the passionate – and occasionally scandalous – encounters, Mills & Boon Historicals capture the romantic essence of an era. Scandalous Innocent is brimming with sumptuous delights and we are thrilled with Juliet Landon’s latest novel.’

John Stachiewicz says, ‘Based in Richmond, Mills & Boon is the closest publisher to Ham House, and thus the natural choice for what we all hope will be more than just a flirtation. We are delighted with Scandalous Innocent and look forward to a warm relationship with the nation’s favourite romance publisher.’

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