How Arabic Publishing Works – Sharjah International Book Fair Panel at LBF

The Sharjah International Book Fair will reveal how publishers can work more effectively with the Arab market in a panel discussion on at The London Book Fair.

“Sharjah International Book Fair 2014; Facilitating translation business between the Arab and the international publishing communities. Common cultural pitfalls and how to surmount them.”

IRC The Platform, Thursday 10 April, 10am – 11am

Ahmed Al-Amri (Director of Sharjah International Book Fair), Nermin Mollaoglu (Kalem Literary Agency) and Tamer Said (Kalimat)  will be part of a panel of leading international and Arabic agents and publishers to discuss how business is done in different ways between the Arab world and the rest of the world. Hear from an Arabic publisher about how Arab publishing industry works and common misunderstandings with international publishers. Hear from an international publisher about international rights and common misunderstandings with Arabic publishers.

There will be a chance to network between Arabic and international publishers at the end of the session.

The event will also be the first opportunity for international rights sellers and buyers to register their interest to attend Sharjah International Book Fair 2014’s Professional Programme.