Alessandro Botto “FLUX”

Alessandro Botto “FLUX”
The Old Truman Brewery, 4 Wilkes Street, London
Thursday 19th May – Tuesday 7th June

“Flux” is an exhibition of large-scale paintings and video installation by artist Alessandro Botto, one of the UK’s most progressive artists as well as being widely considered as one of the most dynamic. It is an exploration of movement and velocity, a means of establishing beauty from disorder and chaos. The architect turned self-taught artist, once based in New York, presents a collection of abstract and figurative paintings with video projections of their processes.

For more of Alessandro’s art you can visit his website and his blog count down to the solo show… ‘HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS ARTIST WITHOUT CUTTING YOUR EAR OFF!’

Videos on YouTube.

For more information, images or if you wish to speak to Alessandro, please contact Claire Richman on [email protected] or 020 7361 7862