OUT NOW: Cooking for Fitness by James Haskell and Omar Meziane at Number 5 on Amazon

Rugby superstar James Haskell with over 78 senior England Caps to his name and the UK’s top sports performance chef Omar Meziane – the man who cooked the England football team to success during the 2018 World Cup – have teamed up to create Cooking for Fitness, a unique recipe book for anyone who wants to help improve fitness and performance in their busy, active life.

Cooking for Fitness reached number 5 on Amazon Bestseller charts on release date, following a day of interviews with BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Sport.

Cooking for Fitness contains 79 recipes, which are carefully split into low-carb and high-carb meals, to reflect different training days, while Omar also provides healthy easy to make pre and post work out snacks. The book focuses on quick, easy recipes, with clear instructions for a more relaxed approach to cooking and uses honest uncomplicated ingredients, most of which will already be in your kitchen cupboard.  For those who track their fitness via their smart phone, the book includes full calorific breakdown seamlessly integrated into the MyFitnessPal app, via scanned barcodes, ensuring accurate tracking.

Simple enough for beginners, but quick enough for busy lives, Cooking for Fitness is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to fuel themselves the smart way, boost their performance and achieve their body goals.

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