Working across all media channels, creating elegantly arresting campaigns for entertainment brands and celebrities in film, TV, theatre, dance, podcasts, festivals, awards and beyond. We raise profiles, build brands, and make sure they’re seen. 




What We Do

We know the entertainment industry inside out. So, whether you are launching a film, promoting a show or selling a book, we know where your audience will be and how to make the right impression.

About Midas

We focus our campaigns and communication skills on transforming your brand, increasing your visibility and creating a spotlight in which your projects can shine.

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Our team of experts have connections across the entertainment industry. With your brand, your audience and your goals at the forefront of our thinking, we plan how and when you should run campaigns to maximise impact.

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By understanding the entertainment industry and immersing ourselves in your projects we can create bold targeted campaigns, events and appearances that result in the right kind of buzz.

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We understand that things can go wrong, that’s why if you hit choppy waters, we’re there to help steady the ship. Our communication experts can advise on mitigating risk, and what to say, how to say it, and when.

Whatever support our clients need, we’ll be there.

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Our digital experts create eye-catching online content that engages with your audience, enhances your reputation and builds excitement around your latest projects.

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From opening nights and red carpet events, to promotional tours, festivals and guest appearances, we know the right people in all the right places to make sure everything goes swimmingly.

Over the years we have become experts in virtual events, enabling our clients to reach a wider audience.

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