Mrs Wordsmith

Launched in 2016 by CEO and founder Sofia Fenichell, Mrs Wordsmith is one of the fastest growing EdTech start-ups in the UK with double digit growth each year. Its mission is to help children tell better stories, by building their vocabulary in a fun and stimulating way. It does this using the latest data science, combined with brilliant illustration and editorial. In 2019 Mrs Wordsmith published The Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary, to help children aged 8 – 13 build their vocabulary and boost their confidence in reading and writing. Using data driven word curation, and working closely with scientists, educators and lexicographers, Mrs Wordsmith mined children’s books to collect 4,000 key storytelling words, split across easy-to-navigate key themes, including Character, Action and Emotion. These groups, comprehensive enough for older writers and intuitive for younger learners, are designed to build and strengthen children’s vocabulary and allow them to become master storytellers.