Giudecca Art District

Building on the Venetian island’s history and the legacy of One Contemporary Art, Giudecca Art District (GAD) is a network of art professionals and will be home to a permanent curatorial programme, linking new and existing spaces on the Giudecca Island, with a remit to promote emerging and established artists, curators and institutions internationally. GAD will provide a platform for contemporary art research and reflections through an extensive talks programme featuring some of the most influential figureheads in contemporary art internationally. During the 58° Venice Biennale the works on display include the flagship installation of GAD, Body as Home by the artist Aleksandra Karpowicz with October! Collective, situated in Project Space 1. Curated by Miguel Mallol, Body as Home is a three-channel film presented in triptych that documents a journey of self-discovery, identity, migration and a search for the meaning of home. During the Biennale, GAD also hosted independent projects, exhibitions and cultural events including work by established artists Yoko OnoKendell GeersKazuko MiyamotoMoataz Nasr, alongside young contemporary artists, in order to present high quality projects with national and international partners.