Boogie Wall Gallery

Boogie Wall gallery is founded by Swiss gallerist and Director Joe, who has prior dedicated her career working in design and fashion industries. She is continuously in the pursuit and development of new ideas and passionate about art. She wants throughout Boogie-Wall to create a platform for innovative contemporary art, where artists can push the boundaries of their mediums, experiment new ideas to highlight the constant change in cultures and society. Empowering women and reach out­ people about the walls based upon gender, race and class is in the gallery core by  using art as a catalyst and dialogue about the impact on what those changes can generate. The gallery takes its twofold name from the soundtrack of 1984 Stan Lathan, David V. Picker and Harry Belafonte breakdancing movie Beat Street which features singers Debbie Dee, Sha Rock and Lisa Lee bold electrofunk anthem “Us Girls” that claims women’s prerogative to “boogie too”.