Midas PR raised the profile of Radix, the think tank for the radical centre, in consumer and sector-specific media

Our client

Radix is the think tank for the radical centre. Through cross-party involvement, it aims to bring a variety of perspectives together in order to make recommendations that can have broader appeal and engagement. Radix uses a prism of both politics and economics to analyse some of the most pressing issues of the day. Radix exists to pose provocative and radical new questions to old problems, in order to steer the debate into a fresh direction and stimulate innovative solutions from decision- and policy-makers.

What they wanted us to do

Midas was appointed to raise the profile of the Radix website as a platform for debate on current affairs, and of the Radix trustees as key spokespeople in their respective sectors. Pitching them out to journalists for comment by both reacting to and getting ahead of the news agenda, Midas’ goal was to secure opinion pieces in a range of media. Midas was also appointed to work with Radix on finding its voice and finding something different to say in a crowded marketplace. Wherever the opportunity arose, Midas was to introduce media face to face with Radix spokespeople, in order to build long term relationships, leading to ongoing media opportunities.

How we did it

To achieve this, we developed a diversified PR strategy, encompassing a wide variety of media (national, specialist, broadcast, and podcast). Capitalising on current affairs through meticulous media monitoring (including Brexit debates, speeches of key politicians, formation of The Independent Group/Change UK), as well as Radix’s own initiatives (such as the publication of A Guide to New Political Movements and the appointment of a new CEO), Midas identified the best moments, key messages and the most suitable media to showcase Radix’s activity. We were particularly mindful to pitch Radix spokespeople in their respective area of expertise, from Joe Zammit-Lucia’s knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to 21-year-old Zoe Hodge’s experience of young people’s engagement with politics.

What we achieved for them

Over the course of nine months, Midas secured a wide spectrum of articles, comment pieces, interviews and podcast sessions across national, regional and specialist media. Midas was key in helping Radix building a long-term relationship with City AM, publishing over 10 comment pieces at the time of writing. Highlights of the coverage Midas generated include interviews with Adam Boulton on Sky News, and podcast recordings for House of Comments and at the podcast stage at the London Book Fair, opinion pieces in The Big Issue in the North, The Times, Comment Central and The UK Newspaper, mentions in the Guardian and in The Independent (the latter as part of an article written by Chuka Umunna MP), and specialist articles in Intercontinental Finance & Law and PharmaTimes.

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