Popular scientist Theodore Gray Strikes Gold with Midas

The brief: To coincide with the first iPad release, Midas PR was briefed to launch a 3D app called The Elements, a periodic table app written and created by popular scientist, Theodore Gray.

Strategy and implementation: Midas positioned The Elements as a must-have app and the ultimate way to show off the iPad’s capabilities, making the most of a Twitter endorsement from Stephen Fry who hailed the app as: “The Best App of all… Everything is animated and gorgeous. Alone worth the iPad”.

Results: Widespread national coverage of The Elements included the app’s appearance in ‘Top Ten Apps’ features in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and Evening Standard. The Independent also ran a double page feature on the Periodic Table, including an interview with The Elements Nobel prize winning author. This was supported by publishing trade press features, including BookBrunch.co.uk.