Midas swings into action for 100 Years of Tarzan

The brief: Midas PR was briefed by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate to promote ʻ100 years of Tarzanʼ and to raise the profile of Andy Briggs, author of a new series of Tarzan novels and official spokesperson for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate.

Strategy: Midas PR identified newsworthy publicity angles and feature ideas to generate a regular flow of coverage in both trade and consumer press throughout the year of the Tarzan Centenary. Midas PR also created an in-depth press pack including an advance media planning notice, Tarzan fact sheet and timeline which provided sufficient collateral to spark the mediaʼs interest and ensure a series of news stories and author interviews. We also undertook an in-depth regional PR campaign to support the authorʼs extensive tour to schools, bookshops, libraries and literary festivals around the UK.

Results: Seven national newspapers covered the Tarzan Centenary – the Daily Express, Sunday Express, The Times, Independent on Sunday, The Observer, Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. Empire magazine ran a six page feature and national broadcast coverage included BBC Radio 4 Womanʼs Hour, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales. Midas also generated over 20 items of regional media coverage, including the Evening Standard, and secured trade press news stories in The Bookseller and BookBrunch. Our work is still ongoing, and we have recently secured author features in travel magazine Pro Traveller and childrenʼs title Animal Action around Andy Briggsʼs recent trip to the Cameroon.