Midas promotes the art of seduction

The brief: ObsessionArt is the world’s leading online gallery for alternative contemporary and traditional nude, figurative and erotic art and photography prints. Midas was briefed to promote the 5th anniversary art exhibition, highlighting the internationally acclaimed art and photography offered by the gallery.

Strategy and implementation: Midas positioned erotic art as accessible and affordable and a new, creative choice for contemporary homes. Midas chose to focus on ObsessionArt’s products as an investment, as well as ideal gifts for couples seeking something different. In addition, Midas focussed on photographer Stephen Perry, whose work was ideal for mainstream media including television.

Results: Midas secured over 45 pieces of editorial coverage in a variety of target media to drive footfall on the opening night. Coverage included The Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV, plus print and online media as diverse as The Huffington Post, Female First, Square Mile and GQ Magazine.

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