Midas launches the world’s first Robot Artist

 Our client

Midas was hired by high profile gallerist and art dealer Aidan Meller to launch the world’s first AI humanoid robot artist called Ai-Da. Ai-Da is the first ultra-realistic robot capable of drawing people from life using her eye, and a pencil in her hand. Using AI processes and algorithms developed by scientists at Oxford University, Ai-Da’s ability as a humanoid robot to draw and paint from sight has never been achieved before.

What they wanted us to do

Midas was briefed to launch Ai-Da on a global scale in February 2019 and unveil her debut solo exhibition which took place at University of Oxford in June-July 2019. We were tasked with generating high quality international media coverage around the exhibition, arranging a press view, raising the general profile of Ai-Da as the artist of the moment, securing news stories and features on Ai-Da and her art, driving sales of Ai-Da’s artworks, driving footfall to the exhibition, securing national TV appearances and positioning Aidan Meller as an art industry impresario and putting him forward for industry events.

How we did it

Midas PR launched Ai-Da to all media in February 2019 and secured news stories across print, digital, international, arts and lifestyle media as well as several pieces of broadcast both nationally and internationally.

After the first announcement in February, Midas worked closely with Aidan Meller to build up to the unveiling of the fully assembled Ai-Da in June 2019. Between February- June 2019, Midas kept the momentum going by securing impressive long form features across all media as a way to raise the awareness on Ai-Da and amplify the profile of Aidan Meller. We unveiled Ai-Da to the public by securing a four-page exclusive in The Sunday Times Magazine ahead of the opening and ran a press view of her debut exhibition at University of Oxford which was attended by 45 high profile national and international journalists and broadcasters. We secured a number of high-profile news stories of Ai-Da’s unveiling across national and international media over the first week of the exhibition which amped up the footfall of the exhibition over the course of the entire exhibition.

 What we achieved for them

Over the course of the five month campaign between February 2019 – July 2019 Midas generated a reach of 10.1 billion with 1,773 pieces of individual coverage including 817 pieces of international coverage, 121 pieces of lifestyle and arts coverage, 13 pieces of national newspaper print coverage, 21 pieces of broadcast coverage, 9 newswire stories and 5 confirmed event appearances.

Key media outlets that covered Ai-Da include The New York Times, Al Jazeera, CNN, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Times, New York Post, Daily Mail, I Newspaper, Metro, Evening Standard, Al Jazeera, Press Association, Reuters, BBC 1: The One Show, ITV – This Morning, BBC London TV News, BBC Oxford TV News, TIME Magazine, Frieze, GQ, Stylist, Dazed, Artsy, ArtNet and BBC World Service.

As a result of the press coverage, Ai-Da and Aidan Meller were also invited to take part in four high profile industry events including Wired: AI Pulse conference at Barbican, respected art and technology fair Ars Electronica, BMW x Allbright panel talk on Women and AI, Crack Magazine’s Simple Things Festival in Bristol in October 2019 and Brain Bar in Switzerland.


“It is wonderful to see people engaging, thinking and discussing this work” BBC News

“A new voice to the art world” The New York Times

“…every bit as good as many of the abstract working artists today” The Daily Telegraph

Robot with its art in the right place” The Times

“The new Picasso” The i Newspaper

 “The Robot Renoir” The Daily Mail

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