Midas brings the European Cultural Foundation to a British audience

Our client

The European Cultural Foundation is an independent, impact driven organisation with more than 60 years of experience. ECF catalyses, connects and communicates civil society initiatives in arts and culture to work together for an open, democratic and inclusive Europe. ECF supports cultural changemakers through grants, exchanges, and incubator programmes. ECF connects people to people, the local to the European, and grassroots to policy. Its annual ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture highlights culture as a force for positive change. In 2018, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) was awarding its annual Princess Margriet Award for Culture to the pioneering UK-based research agency, Forensic Architecture, and Polish cultural platform and foundation, Borderland.


What they wanted us to do

Midas PR was appointed by the European Cultural Foundation to promote the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture, and Forensic Architecture as the recipient of the 2018 Award. Given that the award had never previously been covered in UK media, the core objectives were to build the profile of the European Cultural Foundation and the Princess Margriet Award for Culture in the UK; raise awareness of Forensic Architecture as one of this year’s two laureates in UK media; and communicate the ECF’s mission to showcase the potential of culture to bring people together across Europe and beyond. The campaign was a short-lead only initiative.


How we did it

Midas planned a targeted campaign focussed on UK arts media, with news coverage of the winner announcement in addition to features and interviews. Given the award did not yet have a profile in the UK, Midas worked to secure coverage in core specialist media, focussing in particular on the British winner. Midas secured news and feature coverage across key arts, design and architecture media, including Art News, Frieze, It’s Nice That, Apollo, Dezeen, Architect’s Datafile, Aesthetica, White Noise, Studio International, Blueprint Magazine and beyond. Midas also secured an interview with Forensic Architecture with the Independent.

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