Making the headlines: Sir Anthony Seldon

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor of University of Buckingham has worked in education for over 3 decades and is one of the most renowned educational experts in the country. His expertise led him to write the ground-breaking new book The Fourth Education Revolution, which explores how Artificial Intelligence will change our education system as we know it, and how we can prepare ourselves for this approaching revolution.

 Midas was appointed by the University of Buckingham Press to launch The Fourth Education Revolution as the most pioneering educational text written this century. They also hoped the book would continue to raise Sir Anthony’s profile as an educational expert. They wanted us to focus on how Anthony’s experience in education gave validation to the ground-breaking concepts the book explores, and wanted the coverage to include interviews, articles and reviews, concentrating on national newspapers, broadcast and prolific current affairs magazines.

 To position the book as a pioneering educational text Midas sent out specific pitches focused on topics education, current affairs and technology. As Anthony was such a prolific figure, interviews were a prominent focus of the campaign, but we also secured reviews and articles in national newspapers and specialist magazines. We focused especially closely on educational media to ensure the book was given prominent focus in the education sector. We used Anthony’s public platform to secure opportunities at several events and festivals and worked with the book’s co-author, Oladimeji Abidoye, to approach international media.

 Over a 3-month campaign Midas delivered a national, regional and specialist campaign, reaching national newspapers (6), broadcast (9) regional media (3) and current affairs, educational and business magazines (18). National newspaper coverage included the i newspaper, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Times and The Sun. We secured interviews for Anthony and Oladimeji across a wide range of broadcast, including, BBC Radio 4: Westminster Hour, BBC Radio 2: Steve Wright, BBC Radio London: Robert Elms, Sky News: All Out Politics and BBC GNS. Coverage in current affairs magazine included a review in New Statesman, interviews in The Spectator and Geographical and a written piece in BBC Focus Magazine. We also secured key coverage aimed at education experts and parents in School Report, Teach Secondary and Teach Primary School House, Independent School Parent, and Private School Parent. Alongside this wide range of coverage, Midas organised opportunities for Anthony to speak at Way with Words, Henley Literary Festival, Latitude and Hay Festival.

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