Making the Headlines: TAWAI – A Voice from the Forest

Blanket media coverage for the directorial debut of explorer Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry is an explorer and BAFTA-award-winning documentary presenter, best known for his BBC documentaries Tribe, Amazon and Arctic. Bruce’s documentaries have been acquired by and shown in over 150 countries cementing his place as one of the world’s most successful documentarians and TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest is his directorial debut.

In TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest, Bruce explores what has happened to humankind since we stopped being at one with nature and began to shape it to our own needs, how this has affected tribes around the world and what we can learn from their way of living. This feature length documentary, complete with stunning footage of life in the forest and panoramic views of our changing landscape, is the poetic culmination of Bruce’s journey. Midas PR was charged with securing festival appearances through the summer and some key speaking events with broad-reaching and high-profile media coverage for the release of TAWAI: A Voice from the Forest on 29th September 2017, and raise awareness of the film’s message about our impact on the world.

In the lead up to the film’s autumn release, Midas PR coordinated press junkets for long lead press, secured an exclusive first interview with a national supplement, and set up high profile broadcast & TV interviews to air shortly before release date. In addition, Midas planned a 6-month calendar of festival appearances and talks; engaged with key online audiences and influencers; and secured press attendance at advance screenings in London. Midas worked with a broad range of media to secure coverage across arts and culture, environmental, travel and lifestyle press, ensuring the messaging of TAWAI reached both new and existing audiences.

Ahead of the film’s release, Midas secured an exclusive first profile interview in The Sunday Times Style Magazine which was followed by interviews with the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Esquire, Radio Times, Shortlist, New Statesman, Daily Record and Irish Examiner. Interviews also ran in key travel press including Geographical, Lonely Planet Traveller, Wanderlust and Traveller.

Bruce appeared on BBC Breakfast, London Live TV, STV, TV3 and BBC South West, and was interviewed on BBC World Service, BBC 6 Music, Radio 5 Live, RTE Radio 1, BBC Scotland and a range of regional BBC stations to support his UK tour.

Reviews of the film ran across print and digital publications including Time Out, Guardian, Irish Times, Radio Times, Psychologies, Mature Times, New Internationalist and The Upcoming.

In addition to cinema Q&As, Midas coordinated a full calendar of festival appearances leading up to and throughout the film’s release including Sunday Papers, Sheffield Documentary Festival, Glastonbury, Latitude, Port Elliot, Wilderness Festival, Shambala and the Outer Hebrides Film Festival. Midas also secured talks for Bruce at the Royal Geographic Society, the Lush Creative Showcase and Esquire Townhouse.

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