Making the Headlines: Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

Midas recently ran a successful campaign for American debut Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig; a unique thriller from the perspective of a teenage girl with autism. The book was published by HQ and Midas PR were employed to publicise the book across print, digital and social media channels.

Ginny Moon is a touching tale about an adopted autistic fourteen-year-old (Ginny Moon) who is determined to return to her abusive birth-mother’s house in order to retrieve something hidden under her bed. The novel was inspired by the author’s own experience of fostering a teenager with autism.

Midas achieved coverage in print publications Daily Mail, Grazia, Inside Soap, The Irish Times, and My Weekly. Online we ran a huge Blog Tour campaign running across fourteen popular book blogger sites with Q&A’s, extracts, guest posts and giveaways. Midas targeted Instagram, sending the book out for photos and mini reviews; the Instagram campaign achieved over 7,000 likes on just four Bookstagrammer accounts.

This was a great example of how to run a successful campaign with an author who is unavailable for UK face-to-face interviews.

Quotes on Ginny Moon include:

“I’ve never read a novel that gets inside an autistic child’s head like this one. It is funny and wildly moving, but never patronising or prurient.” – The Daily Mail

“Ginny’s journey is moving and brilliantly written, the type of story that sticks with you for a long time” – Culturefly

“Better still, it’s the kind of book that we all should read, because it helps us to relate and understand.” – Read it Daddy

“The story is heart breaking, poignant and powerful – I guarantee you will love it!” – The Gingerbread House Blog

“People will inevitably compare Ginny Moon to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, but for me, Ginny Moon was actually a for more gripping read, the kind of gripping where someone has hold of your intestines and every now and again gives them a twist to make sure you’re paying attention.” – Book and Biscuit

“My love of reading is back, thanks to Benjamin Ludwig and of course Ginny Moon.” – The Family of Five

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