Making the Headlines: on VW Scandal

When the scandal over Volkswagen cheating pollution emissions tests in the US cast a cloud over the whole car industry, Midas PR were quick to make the consumer motoring website, a retained Midas client, the go to experts on the story, positioning it as a voice of authority and a brand that consumers can trust.

Midas PR followed the story closely, identifying how it would affect motorists as the story unfolded. Midas issued reactive statements on the story and reached out to the national motoring editors, offering expert commentary on the story. As media appearances started to drive traffic to the website, Midas worked with the editorial team to ensure key search words were included in its own coverage of the scandal, making it the go to place for motorists and media looking for the latest developments.

The profile of shone through during the first two weeks of the scandal, with the site peaking to a minimum of 20,000 pages per hour, rising to 30,000 in the evening at one point.  Honest John appeared on BBC Radio Scotland FM, The John Beattie Programme, BBC Radio2 Simon Mayo, BBC News, BBC Radio5, 5 Live Drive, The Guardian, Channel Five 5 News Tonight, Sky News, BBC World News, BBC Radio Merseyside.

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