Making the Headlines: Why We Post

In 2015 UCL Press approached Midas PR with a landmark social media study – ‘Why We Post’ – involving research by nine UCL anthropologists across eight countries over 15 months. The research was set to be published by UCL Press as a series of 11 open-access books, with the findings being explored in a free online course from UCL on FutureLearn and on a dedicated website – both available in eight languages. Midas PR was briefed with maximising the unveiling of the findings of Why We Post, while also driving awareness of the books, online course and website.

Working with a huge volume of research, including hundreds of personal accounts, Midas worked closely with UCL and UCL Press to condense the findings and identify the strongest hooks and angles for press.

With a carefully planned media launch, Midas PR secured high profile press coverage of Why We Post, including a feature in The Economist in print, online and within The Economist’s Babbage podcast, as well as interviews on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Click, BBC World Service’s World Business Report and World Update, and a segment on selfies on BBC Newsround.

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